About us

Alanos Pizza & Sub opened its doors in mid 2015 and it is located in the heart of East Dearborn Downtown Area. Its modern look with the combination of its authentic home made recipes to go has proven to be one of the go to place in the local community.

We take pride in using quality ingredients, freshly prepared to order. We prepared all our meat and chicken from scratch on daily bases and always we make sure its 100% Halal, 100% Fresh, and never frozen.

Our Salads are never pre-made, the vegetables are freshly cut to order, cherry tomatoes are hand picked and carefully placed over fresh cut lettuce. There is love in everything we make!

Using the latest industry standards we now have the capability to produce up-to 180 Pizzas per hour and of course thanks to our experienced and well trained staff.

Try our food and your satisfaction is guaranteed but remember, due to high volumes of orders during peak hours and the combination of home-made food sometimes results in longer wait times than “fast food” pizzas. Be patient and we’re sure you’ll love the results. Phoning in your order is suggested, and reservations are encouraged for larger groups.